Congratulations to the following District Competitors for advancing to State!

Based on District Test Scores the following students will be advancing to State Competition:

Delanie Porter-Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series-7th Place

Maddox Marlin-Automotive Services Marketing Series-4th Place

Luke Busch-Automotive Services Marketing Series-9th Place

Jaiden Buzako/Ryan Oden-Business Law and Ethics Team Decision-4th Place

Alex Haug-Business Services Marketing Series-3rd Place

Alexander Oldham-Business Services Marketing Series-4th Place

Jack Calvert-Business Services Marketing Series-8th Place

Elizabeth Baltz/Paige Giese-Buying and Merchandising Team Decision-7th Place

Mike Denton-Entrepreneurship Series-5th Place

Jeffery Meyers-Hotel and Lodging Management Series-5th Place

Eliana Safer-Human Resources Management Series-1st Place

Emma Keich-Marketing Communications Series-5th Place

Andrei Matei-Personal Financial Literacy-3rd Place

Meghan Abbott-Principles of Finance-3rd Place

Aiden Waters-Principles of Hospitality and Tourism-11th place

Kirsten Webb-Principles of Marketing-4th Place

Haley Durrett-Principles of Marketing-8th Place

Danielle Oliveras-Principles of Marketing-11th Place

Stone Bardwell-Quick Service Restaurant Management Series-9th Place

Dalton Fussel-Restaurant and Food Service Management Series-11th place

Ezekial Cook-Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series-5th Place

Thomas Curlee-Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series-6th place

Katie Kirkham/Paige Roberson-Sports and Entertainment Team Decision-2nd Place

The following students placed 1st or 2nd alternates and will be called up if any student drops out:

Bailynn Ballard-Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series-1st Alternate

Dominik Gillespie-Business Finance Series-2nd Alternate

Aerabella Boyd and Eyssabella Boyd-Financial Services Team Decision-1st Alternate

Micah Marasigan-Food Marketing Series-1st Alternate

Olivia Blevins/Nicholas Valdez-Travel and Tourism Marketing Team Decision-1st Alternate

Sterling Ferrell/Parker Sutt-Entrepreneurship Team Decision-2nd Alternate