2019 State Competition Winners Advancing to ICDC

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

CONGRATS to all of our many winners at State Competition!!! We are so proud of everybody!

The following students advanced to ICDC and will be heading to Orlando next month!!!

•Eliana Safer-1st place-HRM •Meghan Abbott-1st Place-PFN •Kirsten Webb-5th place-PMK •Andrei Matei-5th place-Pers.Finance Lit.

•Kylee Stoner-4th place-IMCP •Hannah Sutt, Leah Kitchen, Savannah Dew-1st place-IMCE •Corin Bishoff & Caleigh Kinder-3rd Place-CSP •Zoya Anderson, Braxton Anderson, & Mackenzie Hicks-2nd Place-LEP •Trey Moore & Matthew Gillespie-4th place-EIP •Brooklyn Rippy & Abby Rollins-2nd place-EIB •Paige Ayers & Hayeon Ryou-3rd place-FOR •Nikita Menon & Mikayla Jones-2nd place-SEOR •Hannah Hunter, Madison Howe,& Mikayla Brawner-2nd place-CMP •Zoe Cantrell-1st place-FLPP •Kathryn Mouchette, Peyton Buzako & Audrey Baird-SBER

•Alexander Oldham-2nd Alternate-BSM

•Rachel Baker & Ashley Williams-4th place-PRP

•Tanner Carson & Taylor Carson-4th place-EBG

The following students are alternates: •Bill Mouchette, Zack Morgan, & Sophie Harris -1st alternate-BOR The following placed in the top 8 for their event at State: •Ezekiel Cook-7th place •Anniston Wills, Abby Boyte, & Megan Mason-7th place- IMCS •Maggie Gillespie & Savannah Payne-7th place-HTOR •Sierra Formanek & Mason Hull-7th place-IBP