Project Management Community Awareness

This year, Hallie Hall, Mariah Ledbetter, and Addyson Morgan are competing in PMCA (Project management community awareness).  Their project centers around raising awareness  for eating disorders. As a team, they have seen the first hand and how social media has affected girls negatively. There is no such thing as a "perfect body." They want ti bring awareness to a revenant topic and help girls gain back their confidence!


Independent Business Plan

For their senior year, Parker Sutt, Maddox Marlin, and Kirsten Webb are competing in EIB (Independent business plan). Their project focuses on a business plan for outdoor outfitters in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Their outfitters will sell paddle boards, mountain bikes, gear, and apparel for anyone interested in getting outside. They also offer trips and events to teach outdoor skills and encourage a healthy lifestyle. They are super stoked to bring this project to life.


Business Services Research Operations

Elle Williams and Kealey Jackson are competing in BSRO (Business Services Research Operations). We decided to partner with Servpro to find out Covid has affected their business. Servpro is a a franchisor of fire and water cleanup and restoration. They have conducted interviews and asked questions to get in an inside take on the employees' feelings about the circumstance. They are finding these problems and making solutions for each and every employee to feel safer and more comfortable in the transition back to the office. 


Business Growth Plan

CJ Ferrell is competing in EBG (Business Growth Plan). His project is based around a business that he has helped operate for three years. He has recently take over and have many ideas to help grow the business and expand on the already great customer relationships. He is very excited to put his skills to the test and grow the business to new heights. 


Integrated Marketing Campaign Event

For their junior year, Zach Valdez and Libby Collier are competing in IMCE (Integrated marketing campaign event). They are partnering with Mr. Van Huess to promote and help expand the event called Every Kid Is A Hero Day. Its an event held to boost the self-esteem of special education students across sumner county, and to let them feel like a hero.   


Project Management Community Giving 

Olivia Reuscher and Gavie Ann Smith are competing in PMCG (project management community giving). Their project focusses on a family based homeless shelter called Safe Haven. The shelter is non-profit and relies heavily on monetary donations and fundraisers. There are about 508 homeless families in Nashville and their mission statement is to lower the amount of homeless families across Tennessee. Look out for their fundraisers for Safe Haven throughout the year! 


Project Management Career Development 

Jaiden Buzako, Kya Dyer, and Kelsey Clinard are competing in PMCD (project management career development). Their project is creating a website for the Station Camp Stampede Stop Shop! They create promotion, manage the stop shop instagram, and take care of online orders for the Stampede Stop Shop. Order some Station Camp attire to help their project grow!


Start Up Business Plan

Zeke Cook is competing in ESB (Start Up Business Plan). He is starting up Total Body Nutrition. Its a stop shop for all body nutrition. His facilities will have a gym, apparel and supplement store, as well as a smoothie bar for after-workout recovery. He aims to help anyone with a limited schedule obtain the best version of themselves. 


Integrated Marketing Campaign

This year, Amelia Lemmon and Alex Lowery are competing in IMC (Integrated Marketing Campaign). They are working with Mango and Rose, a small business in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Mango and Rose sells a variety of products for babies, children and their parents. They will be working to increase sales and awareness of their brand. They are is excited to get some real-world experience in marketing and working with a brand that has a mission they love.


Business Solutions Project

Anthony Curto and Micah Marasigan are competing in PMBS (Business solutions project). They have partnered with SOHO gallery, a local shoe store in Hendersonville, TN to promote and spread awareness for them. Their hope is to grow their sales and increase their community awareness. 


School Based Enterprise Project

Justine Villalobos and Lauren Ausderau are competing in SBE (School based enterprise). They are focusing on Station Camps Stampede stop shop to implement new ideas to make sure the shop succeeds. They are looking to progress and make consumers happy with their finds.


Innovation Entrepreneurship Plan

Fisher Pyne and Yuta Miyahira are competing in IEP (Innovation entrepreneurship plan). They created a business idea called The Floating Grill Delivery Service. They use jet skis to deliver food from restaurants on the lake to boats. They are looking succeed with this plan.