Sports and Entertainment Operations and Research

This year Mikayla Jones and Nikita Menon are competing in SEOR (Sports and Entertainment Operations and Research).  They are working with MTFC Quest Soccer, a nonprofit organization that gives kids ages 4-18 the opportunity to play the game of soccer regardless of cost. Mikayla and Nikita are setting up a scholarship fund that helps minimize cost of travel, so more kids can participate. Throughout the project, they have created a multitude of events that raise money for the team, as well as expand our knowledge about what’s going on in our community.


Creative Marketing Project

For our DECA project, we are focusing on the non-profit organization, Young Life. We are working towards promoting the organization in our school and other schools in the area. A major objective of ours is to increase attendance at Young Life Clubs this school year. We want to make the goals of Young Life clear to the students of Station Camp High School. Growing and improving Young Life is our main focus, and we hope to execute this by conducting research, analyzing the research conducted, and learning the correct way to implement that research. Including chapter members in our project is of major importance to us, and their help and support is greatly appreciated.


Integrated Marketing Campaign

Our group, consisting of Savannah Dew, Leah Kitchen, and Hannah Sutt, is competing in the Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event category this year. We are partnering with the local charity Children Are People to hold a dodgeball tournament at Station Camp High School. The tournament is being held to bring awareness and raise funds for Children Are People. This organization is dedicated to giving underprivileged kids, grades Pre-K through twelve, a chance at success

Independent Business Plan

We are going to start a nonprofit organization called Guard Up. The goal of this organization is to stop or prevent a potential rape case. We will send volunteers to countries with the highest rape rates to teach women and children how to defend themselves in case a situation like this ever occurs. Guard Up hopes that by teaching women and children these different tactics, rape rates will gradually go down.


Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan

This year we are competing in Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan. For our project we came up with an innovation plan for creating a website that caters to high school student trainers. It allows busy high school students to make money while doing something they love, as well as helping out the kids within their own community.


Learn and Earn

Our group is taking on the Learn and Earn Project for this years’ DECA class. We have to create our own business within our school, Station Camp High School. We have to create this business to make money; but more importantly, we are learning how to become real entrepreneurs. We have created Nothin’ But Net. This business is all about event planning for companies. Businesses come to us to ask us to plan events for their company. We have two events planned for this fall. The first one we will be doing is with Resourceful Solutions. They are a fundraiser company that sells colorful trash bags and Ziploc bags. They reached out to us to see if we could sell their product in our community. The second event that we have planned is a PEER Place CDC Basketball game verses the CDC students at Station Camp High School. We will be hosting the basketball game here at Station Camp during our 4th block. We hope by having Nothin’ But Net, it will teach us all the necessary information needed to run a business

Learn and Earn.jpg

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event

Hi, our names are Maggie Gillespie and Savannah Payne, and we are competing in the Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research Event. For our project, we decided to partner Kávé Express, a local coffee shop, and the Rae of Hope Foundation, an organization that raises money for families with children who are battling brain cancer. We are doing this with the soul purpose of increasing the knowledge of Rae of Hope as well as to help Kávé Express become more involved with their community.


Financial Literacy Promotion Project

My name is Zoe Cantrell and I am competing in FLPP (Financial Literacy Promotion Project). This year, I have created F.I.N.D. (Financial Innovation to Nullify Debt) to educate the youth in the importance of eliminating post collegiate debt. I have teamed up with Union Elementary School and Knox Doss Middle School to teach how saving and spending money wisely, starting young, helps to alleviate post collegiate debt. To keep up to date with my project follow @taketime2find on Instagram and Twitter.    

Business Services Operations Research Project

This year in Station Camp DECA’s Business Services Operations Research Project, Sophie Harris, Zack Morgan, and Bill Mouchette are partnering with locally based Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix Concrete to research how cause marketing could positively affect the company. The group has decided to specifically focus on the effects of Garrott Brothers giving to local CTE and technical programs in the Nashville area. The project requires the team to conduct research methods such as interviews with Garrott Brothers executives and Davidson, Sumner, and Trousdale County CTE directors, surveys of students in technical programs across the three counties, a focus group of Garrott Brothers customers, and a SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of supporting these programs. After the team completes their research they must formulate a cause marketing plan that will help increase Garrott Brothers public image and also help increase the quality of technical education that students receive in the community. The project is of course theoretical, but helps educate these three students on technical education, cause marketing, the concrete industry, and how to properly manage their time to build a successful project from the ground up.

School Based Enterprise Retail Project

SBER is a School Based Enterprise Retail Project. The Stampede Stop Shop is located inside of Station Camp High School and it sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, car stickers, coffee, and much more. The Shop sells these items to highschoolers, teachers, staff, and neighboring schools. This year they plan to reach out to more students and parents in the community to increase their sales. They are designing and creating new merchandise for the Stop Shop in hopes to increase profit. Their ultimate goal is to help fund students in their DECA chapters trip to ICDC in Orlando this Spring.


Finance Operations Research Event

For our Finance Operations Research Event, Hayeon Ryou and Paige Ayers are collaborating with Vanderbilt University Credit Union to develop its social responsibility. As a credit union in a university, they are using this platform to support college students who are struggling with finances through QuestBridge. QuestBridge is a non-profit organization that helps provide better college opportunities for low-income students. The partnership between VUCU and QuestBridge will help the credit union develop better social responsibility.


International Business Plan Event

In the international business plan event, we are to come up with a business plan and analyze all the different factors that go into operating a business. In addition, we will also have to operate the business in a foreign country. We have developed Paradise Chateau; a manageable airbnb with many excursions and activities to gain the attention to our potential guests.  We chose to locate Paradise Chateau in the Marshall Islands; we wanted to have a unique location filled with many interesting cultural aspects and one many have yet to hear of. By implementing Paradise Chateau into the economy of the Marshall Islands, we hope to raise the tourism rates and create steady revenue streams for our employees.